In Context: Jennifer Donahue Recounts Sen. Kennedy's Enduring Ties to NH

Jennifer Donahue
With the passing of Senator Edward Kennedy, Jennifer Donahue, political director of the New Hampshire Institute of Politics, reflects on Kennedy's special connection to the state and to the New Hampshire Primary.

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Orientation Leader Training in Sullivan Arena

Orientation Leaders Take Training to New Heights

Orientation Leader TrainingWhen new students move to campus on Thursday, the first upperclassmen they will meet are orientation leaders. OLs, as they are called, will unpack the cars driven by anxious parents, answer the questions of nervous …

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Road for Hope walkers 2008

Ten Years Later, Annual Road for Hope Looks to Top $200,000

Road for Hope walkers 2008Thirty seven Saint Anselm College students are taking the scenic route back to campus this fall — and with very good reason. Starting in Lewiston, Maine, on Saturday morning, August 22, and finishing outside Saint …

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Jeanne Cavelos teaching

Jeanne Cavelos Discusses her Fantasy Writing Workshop

Jeanne Cavelos teachingJeanne Cavelos, editor, author, former astrophysicist and part-time English professor, led her 14th Odyssey Fantasy workshop this summer at Saint Anselm College. The workshop brought together 16 writers hoping to improve their skills and dazzle …

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Jeanne Cavelos

Science Fiction Writers from Around the World Converge on Campus

Jeanne CavelosSixteen aspiring writers converged on Saint Anselm College this summer, bringing with them their stories of zombies and vampires, the far future and living on the moon. These students flew in from as far as …

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Volunteers Offer Summer to Banish Bed Bugs

Fifteen low-income and refugee families living in Manchester’s Langdon Mill apartments have been tossing and turning at night, losing sleep for two years because of a bed bug infestation.

But they may soon rest easy, …

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Professor Dan Daley

In Context: Dr. Daly Discusses End of Life Medical Decisions

Video Transcript

Welcome to a new feature on the Saint Anselm blog. From time to time, we will ask faculty members and others to shed light on issues in the news, and post their answers …

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Mourning Warbler Range

Chasing the Mourning Warbler; Dr. J Explains Four Song Regions

This is our second of two podcasts with professor Jay Pitocchelli; in our first podcast, he discusses his research and life in the field tracking the Mourning Warbler.

Mourning WarblerOn the Saint Anselm College campus, …

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Chasing the Mourning Warbler; Dr. J on Doing Research in the Field

This is our first of two podcasts with professor Jay Pitocchelli; in our second podcast, he discusses the four song and geographic regions of the Mourning Warbler.

Mourning WarblerWhen nature shows the first signs of …

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Saint Anselm students and faculty in Italy

Saint Anselm Students Dig for History in Italy

Saint Anselm students and faculty in ItalyAbout 75 miles northwest of Rome, a group of 20 Saint Anselm College students and faculty are braving heat and snakes to excavate what they believe is an Etruscan religious sanctuary.

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