Republican National Convention

Danger Zone (God and Country)

2008 Convention Odyssey is at an end and this is my next to last post. As I drove around St. Paul and Minneapolis this afternoon and reflected on all that has taken place, Kenny Loggins’ …

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Sen. John McCain

Raising McCain

A chill went through my being as John Rich’s new song, “Raising McCain,” serenaded the Xcel Energy Center, while John and Cindy McCain stood waiving to a cheering crowd while being covered in waves of …

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Republicans Get Their Groove Back

The Republicans Find Their Groove (and a Few Good Women)

Republican National ConventionDuring these two weeks I have discovered that as political parties, the Democrats and Republicans are simply incomparable. At least this cycle, the Republicans are the poorer sibling. The Republicans have much less money, their …

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Karl Rove

Forgetting Myself

Karl RoveMy wife Rachel is a tremendous centering force in my life. I need her just now.

My former student, Tom DeRosa, called me last night to ask if I would speak this morning at the …

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Sen. Joe Lieberman

When Did Blue Become Red?

I’m glad I’ve got tenure, because I am beginning to wonder if I have ever understood American politics. This two-week immersion into Presidential Campaigns and Conventions is completely altering my understanding of the two parties.…

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The Republicans Find Their Pulse

Blogging is a different form of journalism, if it can be called journalism at all. 

As many have you pointed out, there was a lot of news yesterday and it was undoubtedly an important day …

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Republican Convention

Slow Parade

Republican ConventionA wise person once said, “Be careful what you wish for.” After pining away for more than a week for an unscripted convention, today I got my wish, but it was not what I wanted.…

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Beautiful Imperfection

Beautiful Imperfection

Beautiful ImperfectionPip Wilson penned the lyric and Fort Pastor wrote the song. The phrase “Beautiful Imperfection” seems to capture that for which I yearn as I turn my attention toward the Republican National Convention.

As I …

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Gov. Sarah Palin

Gender Matters

Helen Aguirre Ferre makes it look so easy.

Helen is a journalist with Univision and Diario Las Americas, and last week in Denver I watched her interview literally dozens of people about all aspects of …

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Gov. Sarah Palin

Doing Penance

I will no longer make sweeping negative generalizations about journalists and the media.

I confess I have a history of being critical of the media.

OK, I confess I have been really critical.

I find …

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