Sen. John McCain

McCain Has a Prayer

My email box this morning has communicated to me that there has been a disturbance in the force. My praise of Hillary’s speech melted more than a few circuits and preconceptions around the world.

What …

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Democratic National Convention Floor

Random Musings

Democratic National Convention FloorSeveral readers noticed that after filing several blogs in real time from the convention this evening, I suddenly stopped. This is due to the fact that while I had a media credential, I didn't possess …

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Sen. Hillary Clinton Speakers at DNC Convention

Hillary Came Through

Sen. Hillary Clinton Speakers at DNC ConventionTonight Hillary took my breath away and in so doing touched my soul.

Her speech was worth the price of admission to this entire convention (and it is a hefty price).

I was moved so …

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The Democrats Came Through!

I just enjoyed a gluten-free dinner.

Well, it wasn’t free, but the Denver blood-sugar free-fall has been arrested.

My Gluten-free plank for the Democratic Party platform was denied, but I did get a form to …

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Time Warp

The quest for ideas will have to be postponed for now.

There is a more pressing issue at hand.

When I entered the Pepsi Center there was a break in the space-time continuum. Since I …

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An Idea Came To Me

As I sat outside the Pepsi Center Media entrance this afternoon awaiting the arrival of my set of credentials, an idea came to me. It was in the form of 100 people marching to asking …

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I'm In

Just got credentials. The search for ideas inside Pepsi Center will soon commence.

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A Good Idea is Hard to Find

Still looking for ideas, but in my search for ideas what I have uncovered is reasons why ideas are hard to find at political conventions.

Whereas the selection of presidential candidates used to take place …

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Any Ideas?

Blogging has acquainted me in a new way with the power of the Internet. Having never blogged before, and not being much of a blog surfer, when I was asked to do this I said …

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Political Conventions 101

I got taken to school today.

I had a press pass for today’s DNC.

What I didn’t have was a floor pass for the Pepsi Center. Hence, I had to cover the DNC from outside …

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