Professor Dale Kuehne

Video: Interview With Prof. Dale Kuehne

We caught up today with Saint Anselm College Politics Professor Dale Kuehne just after he had concluded an interview with CNN. In this video, Rev. Kuehne discusses the visible role the college plays in the …

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Saint Anselm Students stand in for Monday's debate participants

Things You (Won't) See on TV

A rainy Saturday may seem like a lost day, but not with a nationally televised debate just more than 48 hours away. We've been wading through puddles to bring you a sampling of information that …

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CNN's John King with Saint Anselm students

When Opportunity Knocks…

Submitted by Vallerie Stein '14, a Saint Anselm student and runner working for CNN. I cannot believe the opportunities that I have had in my first year at Saint Anselm. One year ago today, …

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Workers construct the CNN debate set

Video: A Sneak Peak, On the Debate Stage

CNN's Don Lemon may be the busiest journalist in New Hampshire the past few days. From interviewing Saint Anselm students on Thursday afternoon, to several games of Frisbee on the quad on Friday, Don also …

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Video: "Don't Let The Bosses See This…"

In live television, there are short periods of chaos, and longer periods of figuring out what to do until the next chaotic moment. So, what happens when a producer buys a $10 Frisbee? This exchange …

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Lyndsay with Don Lemon

From Boston to Manchester in a Blink of an Eye!

Submitted by Lyndsay Robinson '14.  She will be working as a CNN runner during the debates. I was in Boston, Massachusetts interning for Senator Scott Brown when I got a call that CNN was looking …

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Pieces from NH Republian Debate Stage (2007)

Most Exciting Day I've Had on Campus!

Submitted by Kristin Zanotti, a Saint Anselm student and runner working for CNN. I enjoyed every minute of working behind the scenes with CNN today. The whole day was filled with excitement from touring …

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CNN stage 2007

Live From Saint Anselm College: CNN's Broadcast Schedule

Following is a the latest broadcast schedule for CNN programming scheduled to originate from Saint Anselm college this weekend and Monday, June 13. We will post updates as necessary. Several programs are scheduled to originate …

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CNN's Don Lemon interviews Saint Anselm students

CNN Anchor Don Lemon Interviews Saint Anselm Students

CNN Newsroom anchor Don Lemon is the first correspondent on the ground in New Hampshire for the network this week, preparing a number of stories for his broadcasts this weekend (he anchors CNN Newsroom weekend …

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The CNN Express arrives on campus, June 2007.

Happy Birthday, CNN Express!

Four years ago, the CNN Express, CNN's bureau-on-wheels arrived at Saint Anselm for its first public appearance. The bus, designed for on-the-go reporting, was parked on the Quad and became part of the news gathering …

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