Site Spotlight: Girls Inc. (Coordinated by Jacqueline Talbot and Gillian Kayo)

According to their website, Girls Inc. "inspires all girls to be strong, smart, and bold through direct service and advocacy."  Girls Inc. is an after school and dinner program that provides girls aged 5-15 from mostly low income, impoverished, or broken homes a safe, positive, and empowering environment. With Girls Inc.’s mission in mind, Meelia site coordinators Jacqueline Talbot and Gillian Kayo hope to instill this mentality in their own lives and in the lives of their volunteers.

girls incorpJacqueline provided some insight into what volunteers can expect in a typical semester at Girls Inc.:

"Volunteers go to the site to provide a positive role model for the girls. They hang out with them, play games, or help with homework. The girls rely on the volunteers coming each week and get super excited whenever volunteers arrive. A lot of volunteers are able to create bonds with the girls which makes going even more impactful."

Girls Inc. also puts on annual events for the girls, usually for the holidays. Jacqueline adds that "the parties are a lot of fun and included face painting, crafts, and other activities. These are great for the girls because it breaks up their regular daily routine and provides them with excitement."

Aside from events that Girls Inc. plans, the Meelia Center works with various other organizations at Saint Anselm College to fundraise for the girls. Last year, according to Jacqueline, they "also worked with Campus Ministry, and were able to get all the girls a pair of sneakers for Christmas through the giving tree, which was amazing."

If you are interested in volunteering with Girls Inc., please contact either Jacqueline Talbot ( or Gillian Kayo (