21st Annual Wiffle Ball Tournament

This Saturday, November 2nd, is the Meelia Center's 21st Annual Wiffleball Tournament! This is a fun, yet extremely competitive event and it is one that I highly encourage all to participate in. If sports aren't your thing, then stop by the Carr Center to watch a few games, trust me, the excitement is contagious! The first round of games start at 10am!

This year, all the proceeds from the tournament will be benefiting a two year old girl named Rowan Byers. Rowan suffers from an aggressive genetic disorder called Morquio Syndrome, that causes many serious side effects including abnormal heart growth, heart murmurs, knock knees, and many more (for more information on Morquio Syndrome check out this link ).

Thankfully, Rowan has been accepted into a clinical trial program in Chicago where she will receive an enzyme for treatment. Rowan and her parents must travel from Manchester to Chicago once a week for a full year, which, as you can imagine, has become a huge financial burden to the Byers. It's estimated to cost over $50,000 for the year.

Rowan's mother is a dedicated social worker, which is how the Meelia Center heard about her daughter in the first place. Amy Byers has spent her life bettering the lives of the community's children, and now it's the communities turn to help Amy's daughter.

I met Rowan about a week ago, and I can honestly say she does not let this disease get the better of her. Strawberry blonde hair, and eyes that light up every time her daddy lifts her into the air, Rowan is a beautiful, and tough, little fighter. The Meelia Center's staff was entranced by her bell-like giggles as she sprinted around the office with energy I did not expect a child battling a disease to have. It just goes to show that a sickness  does not define a person, especially this two year old girl.

Rowan and her family will be attending the tournament on Saturday and hopefully, if she's up to it, Rowan will throw out the first pitch. Even if you aren't playing in the games, stop by for a little while and come meet this amazing little girl, because I promise you won't regret it.



  • Ivan Hamlin

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