Transitions Pre-Orientation Program

The Transitions Pre-Orientation Program is a FREE, retention initiative that was designed to strengthen the academic, social, and cultural experiences of first-year students. It is based on the three R’s: relationships, resources and real skills.


The Transitions Pre-Orientation Program will be held August 24 – 26, 2015. Participants will be provided an opportunity to make valuable connections with current students, faculty, staff, and alumni. They will be paired with a mentor who will use their familiarity with campus life and resources, as well as their personal experiences as Saint Anselm students, to provide them with valuable advice and guidance. Participants will be educated about the plethora of resources that exist at the College to aid them on their journey toward graduation. And they will learn valuable skills to help them be successful in and out of the classroom.

Programs of this nature can be found at colleges and universities across the country; research has shown that they play an important role in facilitating student success. The Transitions Program has a 95% retention rate.

Transitions is particularly relevant for students from traditionally underrepresented groups (commuter, multicultural, and first-generation) but students from ALL backgrounds are encouraged to participate. There will be a diverse group of students attending the program. In terms of racial/ethnic diversity there will be White, Black, Asian, Hispanic, Native American and Multiracial people. There will be commuters and residential students. Some will be first-generation college students and others may have family members who are Saint Anselm alumni. There will even be international students who attend the program.  Overall there will be many differences among the participants, but also many similarities! Although students are coming from different backgrounds they share the goal of wanting to be successful in their college careers.

Students who participate in Transitions are strongly encouraged to attend all New Student Orientation events which will be held August 27 – August 29, 2015. It is a supplement to Orientation, it was not created to replace the larger program.

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