Multicultural Day


It isn’t everyday that students are able to watch dancers from Nicaragua or eat Egyptian and German food. However, all of this was made possible on Saturday Oct. 3 at the college’s annual Multicultural Day.

Sponsored by the Multicultural Center, Multicultural Student Coalition, Modern Languages Department, and Alumni Association, students were able to talk to representatives from different countries, learn about their culture, and eat excellent traditional foods.

A stage was set up at the front of the lobby for students to observe the unique talents of the Daughters of the Corn (Nicaragua), Chinese Lion Dancers, the student-led Irish/Celtic Society Dancers, and the Akwaaba African Dance Ensemble. The college’s Jazz Band also performed at the event.

"Multicultural Day was a great way to highlight the College’s commitment to diversity while promoting campus unity. People from all backgrounds came together to learn about others while sharing their own cultures and family traditions," said Yemi Mahoney, director of the Multicultural Center and Education Services.

“The purpose of the day was to bring all these different cultures together, “ said Linda Rey, Administrative Assistant at the Multicultural Center and Education Services. “The day shows that despite our different cultures, we are all the same. Instead of one voice, we are many voices in the community.”

Some of the countries that were represented at the event were Australia, Sudan, Egypt, Columbia, Cuba, and Great Britain. Student-led organizations such as the Core Council were also present.

Family members of representatives for Belize, the Dominican Republic, and Spain came to the event and made food that showcased the culture of their country. Laura Monegro ’18, host of the Dominican Republic table, served pastelitos (pastries filled with cheese or beef), potato salad, pork, rice and beans, and sweet beans.

Multicultural Day 2015Monegro emphasized how featuring different cultures at the event allows others to see how unique everyone’s backgrounds are. “Not a lot of people know our backgrounds,” she said. “I find it really important that we can all come together on one day and showcase were we come from because we should be proud of our heritage and culture.”

The student response to the event was extremely positive. The day proved to be a celebration of diversity and unity among students. According to Rey, everyone had an amazing time and are already asking about the Multicultural Center’s next events. This month’s events include the Muslim Student Association’s annual Eid Dinner on Oct. 8 at 6 p.m. in the LLC, and Salsa Madness on Oct. 22 in the Cushing Center.