Todd Haynes '15; Howe, Riley, & Howe PLLC

I am a senior accounting major. Ever since freshman year taking my first accounting class, I knew that I wanted to become an accountant. I was always good with numbers and found it interesting how important accountants are to a company, lenders, and investors. However, the numerous different text books that I have read and classes that I took did not show me what it actually is like to be an accountant. This semester I have been able to see what it is like to be in public accounting during tax season.Todd Haynes site photo

I have been very fortunate to be able to work for the four time reigning champions of the NH B-O-B “Best accounting Firm”, Howe, Riley, & Howe, PLLC. I applied for a position with the firm in September after finding them through our ACES website. After sending them in my resume and cover letter, I ran into them at the NH Society of CPAs at Derryfield Country Club. I talked to them along with many other firms and then saw them again at an open house here on campus. After meeting with them a couple times there was definitely a mutual interest between the firm and myself. They had me in for an interview and I was offered a position after two days. I immediately took the job with the firm as they were my favorite firm that I applied to. I thought that they would be best place to begin a career in public accounting.

Howe, Riley, & Howe PLLC is one of New Hampshire’s largest and oldest accounting firms. The firm was started in 1950 in Manchester New Hampshire by James Howe and has grown to a staff of nearly fifty accountants. The firm does tax returns for individuals, partnerships, s-corporations, corporations, and fiduciaries. In addition to tax services, the firm does audit and assurance services, accounting support, litigation support, fraud and forensic accounting, and business consulting. The firm prides itself on superior customer service, which is expected across the entire firm. Each accountant is expected to provide superior service to every client it serves. This is what makes Howe Riley & Howe one of the oldest and largest firms in New Hampshire.

As an accountant during tax season you are expected to work to your full capability plus a little extra. Almost all of the staff works a fifty hour week with some working sixty hour weeks. As an intern I work about thirty-five to forty hours each week. However it does not seem that long, as I am so busy each day that the day flies by. This internship has taught me how to connect my conceptual knowledge from the classroom and to put it to practical use. There are no longer tax problems providing me with all the information I will need to complete a return. My job is to sort through all the documents provided by a client, find out what documents are relevant, see if any documents are missing, and to use all the provided documents that are relevant and to complete a perfect tax return. On top of producing perfect tax returns at Howe Riley & Howe we are expected to perform superior customer service. For each return we do, we are expected to provide the client with three suggestions in regard to tax planning. This shows the client that we care and do not treat their returns as just another job.

Overall, Howe Riley & Howe is an unbelievable place to work. Every individual here is extraordinary to work with and has a true passion for their job. Superior customer service is our mission, helping and teaching one another is a priority, and I am thrilled to start here full time upon graduation. It is very gratifying and exciting to know that the knowledge I acquired in the classroom could be transformed into a job that I have a real passion for.

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