Lauren Puglisi '15; Palace Theatre

When I was younger all I wanted to be was an actress on television. Time and time again I would ask my parents if I could audition somewhere and I would get the same response where they told me to try theatre out before television. In eighth grade, I finally had the courage to try out for the school play, Snow White, where I got the part of the magic mirror. In high school, I wasn’t so lucky and it was then I realized I wouldn’t pursue it for a career. As a senior Business major and Communications minor, I landed an internship through Saint A' Internship Office at the Palace Theatre, I think how funny it is that two things I’ve always loved were coming together.Lauren Puglisi

At the Palace, I have had the opportunity to work in what everyone likes to call the “behind the scenes” and I don’t mean the crew of one of the theatre productions. I have had the chance to observe, learn and work in both the marketing and the development offices of the theatre. This being my second semester at the Palace, my bosses, Jen and Ashley have given me a great amount of experience to enter the business world. While at my internship, three days a week, I have worked on projects, sat in on meetings, wrote press releases and wrote-up posts for the Palace’s social media accounts. Interning at the Palace has definitely given me the chance to figure out and determine what I actually want to do after college as well as what atmosphere I would like to work in.

One of my favorite things about the Palace Theatre is how community involved it is. The Palace Theatre is a non-profit business and with the help of the community and sponsors, the historical Palace Theatre is able to put on the professional and presenting productions live as it has for 100 years now! This year marks the Palace Theatre’s 100th year which means everyone has been busy with the centennial celebration. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be learning on-the-job at the Palace Theatre and I couldn’t be more happy doing so with people who actually love what they do.

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