Colleen Tracy '15; Merchants Fleet Management

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” It’s a question you hear from the time you’re 4 years old all the way up through college and even beyond. And, it’s a question I’ve always grappled with. What do I want to be when I grow up? Where do I envision myself? What can I do that would be meaningful? What can I contribute to an organization?internship photo-Colleen Tracy-2

Although I’ve never been exactly sure what I want to do after my college career, I’ve always known I want something in the business world. So, as I sat through my business classes and began to cross of economics, accounting, and statistics I began to worry. All these important areas of the business world weren’t of great interest to me. What was I going to do? Was business really not for me? Determined I would find the area of business suited for me I continued to chug along and before I knew it I found my niche. While sitting in my Human Resource Management class everything seemed to click. There was the logical side yet the creative side, there was the human interaction yet the independent work, and there was the common sense component yet the problem solving. What could I be missing? The only thing I could think of was the real life experience. Confident that I would love every bit of working in HR I launched into finding an internship.

At the end of last semester I stumbled upon an internship at Merchants Fleet Management in their Human Resources Department. Merchants is a family owned company that provides customized, total fleet management and leasing solutions for business and government agencies. Seeing as how I never knew there were companies as such out there, I quickly read up on fleet management and leasing. The philosophy and goals of the company were extremely interesting to me so I applied and ended up getting the position.

Over the last two and half months I have quickly been exposed to various components of the company. I have learned that Merchants is dedicated to both their clients and their employees. I have been incorporated into the company by attending their New Hire Orientation, Benefits Orientation, Onboarding Presentations, and DiSC Training. Additionally, I have gained responsibilities throughout my time at Merchants as my work load has increased. Some of the projects I have worked on or are currently working on are: the Employee Handbook, TN Visa research, 2014 Affirmative Action Plan, a Manager Training Guide, and creating an Employee Value Proposition. Between a steady workload and sitting among some of the Executive Team members I have developed skills that are incredibly transferable and useful.

By gaining HR knowledge and various skills at Merchants I have been reassured that Human Resources is in fact where I belong. Sprinkled in between the everyday work there is something new and challenging every day. I could not be more appreciative for all that I have already learned at Merchants, and I look forward to seeing what new challenges are going to be thrown my way during my remaining time as an intern.

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