Jeffrey Lessard '15: iHeart Dining

I am an English major and Spanish minor at Saint Anselm College. As a senior, swiftly approaching the day when a diploma reaches the grasp of my hands, the question “What do you want to do after you graduate?” haunts me day and night. I figured the most important thing to do once I take my final steps off of the hilltop is to pursue something I truly enjoy doing. There’s no reason to endure four years of hard work to jump into a career that is uninteresting. From the young age of fifteen I have worked in a restaurant; working as a bus boy, to a server and now tending bar I have experienced the restaurant business through good times and bad. When an internship opportunity opened at iHeartDining I immediately took advantage of my background and landed a position as one of their content writers.

I have been interning at iHeartDining for a few semesters now and have been a strong asset to their team. Daryl Eames, the owner and my supervisor, has been guiding me in the right direction for the past year and a half. iHeartDining is a marketing company that helps restaurant-loving people find great eateries from a source that this generation knows best: the internet. Their capitalization of social media among the New Hampshire populous has sparked a unique flare among the outgoing individuals who enjoy a delicious meal. Since there are so many people marketing on their own terms, iHeartDining uses social medias such as Facebook or Twitter to enlighten the people of New Hampshire of some of the interesting restaurants in the Granite State. iHeartDining designs a dining package for all restaurant clients that they have brought aboard, to ensure their patrons are getting their utmost value. These dining packages are designed to help people save money and increase revenue for the restaurants, since the more hungry mouths that walk through the door the better! Members of iHeartDining (one can register within two minutes, free of charge) are eligible to purchase any dining package from any of their favorite restaurants; while five percent of all acquired money from these packages are allotted to a charity of that member’s choice. iHeartDining is revolutionizing how restaurants market in an innovative and affordable way.

Over the course of the semester I have visited restaurants from cities all over the state including Manchester, Bedford, Portsmouth, and Concord. I am responsible for the writing, editing and publishing of many blog entries and articles that are seen on the iHeartDining website. These articles help exemplify the dynamics behind some of these revolutionary restaurants, the compelling owners that have built it from the ground up, and the meticulously crafted entrees that give their restaurant the signature appraisal they deserve. Some of my stories go so far in depth as to the unique story of some of these owners and how their journey to the restaurant business, or even the United States, has been the primary reason behind some of the passion they deliver to their clientele. My articles are either about the history behind some of these restaurants or food reviews for the current clients (restaurants) of iHeartDining. Recently, Daryl has shifted me toward the marketing side of the company to diversify me into more than one part of the business. I have been making phone calls, emailing and visiting restaurants to pitch the innovative marketing plan to some of these restauranteurs. So far, I can proudly say that Murphy’s Taproom and Restaurant, and Milly’s Tavern has come aboard from my help. I hope to continue learning more about iHeartDining and continue to develop my skills as a writer. My experience keeps growing and I am more than happy to have this remarkable opportunity interning for iHeartDining.




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