Liz Duffy '14: TestSoup – Online and Mobile Test Prep

As I near the end of my internship at TestSoup, I feel nothing but appreciation for being chosen for this position. This experience has not only helped me grow as a professional, but has also solidified my future career goals. Although my time as an intern is coming to a close, there are many valuable insights into the business world that I will be taking with me as I enter the workforce.

Since my last post, my internship at TestSoup has taught me the values of flexibility and communication. I have learned to follow instructions from others apart from my main supervisor, while also accomplishing tasks outside of the office. In this way, TestSoup has given me an idea of what it means to work in a dedicated team as well as the motivation it requires to work independently. I feel that the employees at TestSoup have helped me acquire the confidence, skills, and initiative I need to succeed when transitioning from a college lifestyle into the real world.

I am also grateful that I have had the opportunity to intern at a startup company. Not only was I able to work closely with the leaders and founders of the company, but I also gained experience beyond that of your average internship. I witnessed firsthand the atmosphere that comes with a startup, feeling the drive it takes to promote a new product and get a foothold in the marketplace. Because TestSoup is one of the many portfolio companies funded by a single company (Wasabi Ventures), I was also in an excellent position to network.

At TestSoup, I was able to gain knowledge of an up-and-coming company as it hired and outsourced employees, went through major structural changes, and developed innovative products for a modern market. I had the chance to work with mobile applications, research and set competitive prices, and give input on website designs. As if that wasn't an already stellar experience on its own, I also had the amazing opportunity to edit, compose, and write study guides. The coolest benefit of this is seeing my name on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Google publications.

I would recommend TestSoup to any student who is looking for an internship. My experience there really exceeded all expectations and they went above and beyond to make me feel welcome. My time at TestSoup has helped me to better understand what I enjoy doing and where I see my career headed. Throughout the entire internship process, I was able to identify my strengths and weaknesses and become a better professional. I now have a deeper knowledge of myself as a person and what kind of mindset it takes to succeed after college.

Published by Alane De Luca, Executive Director, Center for Experiential Learning