Julia Loschiavo '15: Launching A Blog

This semester, I completed an internship for the Internship Office, which is part of the Center for Experiential Learning here on campus. My main project was to launch this Internship Blog, reaching out to St. A's interns in a variety of fields to provide a resource for students. Since I am an English and Web Design major looking to secure a career in website development, I was extremely excited for this opportunity.

Julia Loschiavo '15

In order to gather content for the blog, I reached out to students from different majors who were either interning at the time or who had completed internships over the summer. I asked students to provide summaries of their internships, specifying their responsibilities and the skills they learned. Hopefully, their responses will give inspiration and direction to students looking to complete internships.  I was surprised by the variety of internships that St. A's students completed. I spoke with a student who interned for the Boston Bruins, one who interned abroad in Beijing, and one who made significant contributions to a financial services firm, to name a few. They prove that you really can tailor your interests to an internship!

Through corresponding with all of these students, I further developed my communication and creative skills. I brainstormed ways to effectively organize and present information, abilities which will be very valuable to me.

My favorite part of this internship was learning how to use and manage a website through WordPress. I met several times with the web producer on campus, and I learned a great deal from him. Having an administrative role for this website gave me experience with adding and formatting content within WordPress. This will be a crucial resume builder for me, as the majority of jobs in my field prefer experience with some sort of content management system. Not to mention, the inner workings of websites are fascinating to me, so I thoroughly enjoyed learning how to create one!

The development of this blog is a tangible product that I can both be proud of and put on my resume. The skills I learned during my time at the Internship Office are relevant to my career goals in website development and web design. The staff here in the CEL are wonderfully friendly and such a valuable resource to St. A's students! I had a great experience as an intern here, and I  like that I helped to provide a positive resource to other students. I encourage every student to complete an internship, as career-related experience will always help you!