The English Department Welcomes the Class of 2018!

English Department Class of 2018 members

On Saturday, August 30 the English Department faculty welcomed its new English and Communication majors to campus and they took time during Orientation to gather for a picture on Bradley House’s Back Porch. A great day to be a Hawk!  An even greater day to be a Hawk in  the best department on campus (well, the best looking at least).

  • Roma

    Heartiest welcome to the newcomer and the students who are just enrolling in this current year. New dream new era has started since the inceptions. Everything defined or diagnosed here for the well being of the students better and smoother in all the way.The essay service also following. Apart from that any students who are uncomfortable to make their presence lively the whole department are here to help them instantly.

  • Chloe Young

    They must be feeling great…I also want to get admission in next class.