Three Levels of Course Organization for Conversatio

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Conversatio has three types of meetings:

  1. The first is by individual class sections which meet as seminars on either a W/F or T/Th schedule. Each class section has about 17 students. You will have A Sakai site for your individual seminar that has your grades and assignments.
  2. The second type of meeting is for cohort lectures. These lectures are held either in Perini lecture hall (Goulet 2205) or Dana One. All the classes that usually meet at the same time on W/F or T/Th will gather as a cohort for most weeks in the semester. Those sections which meet on W/F will gather for a lecture in the same time slot on Mondays. The T/Th sections that meet will also have cohort lectures on Monday, but these will be scheduled for 12:30. Each cohort lecture would involve about 100 students. You will have to check the schedule for the Mondays where you will meet as a seminar, a cohort, or for a common lecture.
  3. The final type of meeting is a common lecture for all 535 students in the program. There are four of these throughout the Fall semester, scheduled for 12:30 on Monday, except for the opening lecture which occurs on a Wednesday due to Labor day that week. These common lectures will be held in the Koonz Theatre of the Dana Center. In addition to the common lectures, there will also be some common events throughout the year. There is a common Sakai site for the whole freshman class that you will use only to access common resources and to get email messages from the course.



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