A Rule to Live By

It is Monastery Week this week in Conversatio.  Students are reading the Rule of Benedict, taking tours of the Monastery, and will meet with a panel of Benedictine monks to learn about life according to the rule and to ask questions about the monastic life.

The Abbot Mark Cooper, the leader of the Anselmian Benedictine Community and Chancellor of the College,  gave the opening lecture of the unit. He explained the value of the rule, not only in guiding a monastic community, but as a guide for any person's life. Since Saint Benedict knew human nature and its limitations, he could provide a practical guide that helps us form a life in harmony with a community of family members or neighbors or co-workers,  a life centered on a view of reality grounded in faith.

Students will get a tour of the Monastery to see where the monks eat, and work, and pray. And they will get to participate in the abbotAnselmian version of "Ask a Monk Anything" at panels of monks that visit their class to talk about the monastic life and the wisdom of the Benedictine way.  Alumni and other members of the Anselmian Family are invited to participate, as well, by sending in your questions about monastic life or the monastery at the link below. We will ask your questions at the student panels and report back here with the answers.



  1. Vincent Murphy (1990) says:

    Now that the sisters of Joan of Arc are no longer on campus who makes the monks' habits?

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