Video Tour of the CNN Election Express


Joshua Rubin, producer on the CNN Election Express, gave Saint Anselm College an inside look at CNN's mobile news bureau. The bus, which has become a familiar backdrop during live shots in front of Saint Anselm's Alumni Hall, has found a home on the quad this week in advance of the June 13, 2001 New Hampshire Republican Presidential Debate at the college.

Four years ago, the CNN Express arrived at Saint Anselm for its first public appearance. The state-of-the-art bus, which has seen substantial upgrades since its last appearance at the college in June 2007, is designed for on-the-go reporting and serves as news gathering resource for the network. Since its last visit to campus, the bus has been across the country, covering politics, the economy, and deploying to breaking news stories.

You can follow along with Joshua Rubin, and the bus on Twitter, @CNNexpress.

Thanks for the tour Joshua!