Career Services Organizes Alumni Panel for Students at "HubSpot"

Saint Anselm students visit HubSpot in Cambridge, Mass.

The Office of Career Services recently organized an afternoon trip for 11 Saint Anselm students to visit HubSpot for an alumni panel and tour of the company's Cambridge, Massachusetts headquarters. HubSpot provides software for inbound marketing that helps companies increase their search engine optimization to attract more customers and increase sales leads. As a Communications major interested in marketing and public relations, the opportunity to visit HubSpot was an exciting experience.

Upcoming events: The Office of Career Services will host several more Saint Anselm alumni at "Employer in Residence" events, Mock Interview sessions and the New Hampshire College and University Council Job Fair on April 7. Learn more by visiting ACES or the Career Services website.

Saint Anselm students visit HubSpot in Cambridge, Mass.When we arrived a recruiter gave us a tour of the various departments within the company, and talked to us about the office culture, and perks of working at Hubspot – from the dog-friendly offices to the in-office gym. The atmosphere at Hubspot is business casual, making the office very relaxed. After our tour, we sat down with four Saint Anselm alumni: Billy Macdonald, Jared Brewer, Colleen Grant, and Katie Morrissey, and talk about their experiences working at the company. During our discussion, the alumni gave us their perspectives of the company, and many helpful hints about applying for jobs. From the panel, I learned the importance of networking with alumni and being aggressive when applying for jobs after college, because it is extremely competitive. The alumni told us that we could use them as referrals, and to connect with them on LinkedIn so they could help review our resumes.

About HubSpot: HubSpotters make our company what it is. We hire for inbound aptitude over experience, and we pride ourselves on attracting and retaining people with HEART. At the core of what drives us is one simple phrase, “Solve For The Customer.” This maniacal focus is more than a mantra; putting the customer first is evident in the product we ship, the support we provide, and the way we market and sell. And doing so makes us deliriously happy.

(Excerpt from HubSpot's website: "Our People & Culture")

Going to Hubspot and connecting with our Saint Anselm alumni who work there definitely opened my eyes to the importance of understanding a company’s culture and the importance of networking in the business world. The panel exceeded my expectations and has helped me create new goals for myself when applying for jobs my senior year. My biggest takeaway: students need to take advantage of these networking opportunities with alumni at companies like Hubspot, because an alumnus who we have the chance to meet with now could be our co-worker someday!

This post was submitted by Kate Sears '17.

Hawks Beat SNHU in Nationally Televised Basketball Game

Saint Anselm beats SNHU in nationally televised basketball game

It was a great day to be a Hawk today as the Saint Anselm men’s basketball team beat cross-town rival Southern New Hampshire University 83-75 in front of 1,000 fans in Saint Anselm College's Stoutenburgh Gymnasium and a national television audience.

Saint Anselm College beat SNHU in nationally televised basketball gameThe game, aired live on CBS Sports Network, was Hawks’ coach Keith Dickson’s 525th win and helped the team improve to a 14-6 season, winning seven of their last nine games.

It was a game to remember played in front of a sold-out crowd including more than 450 Saint Anselm students as well as Saint Anselm trustees, alumni, faculty, staff, monks, and friends of the college.

Led into the stands by the college’s Hawk mascot, students were decked in super fan t-shirts and face paint and kept the gym rowdy. Senior, psychology major and volleyball player Vivian Fitzgerald joined by fellow senior, politics major Guy Sergei kept the crowd energized with cheers and chants.

“It was a great game,” said Fitzgerald. “The energy in the gym was contagious and the boys brought their A-game.”

Saint Anselm athletic director Jo-Ann Nester was ecstatic about the high attendance and number of student-athletes involved including the entire field hockey team who assisted with ticketing and refreshments.

Alumnus Dave Cuzzi, class of 1996, was only one of more than 300 alumni who attended the game to support his alma mater.

“It was a lot of fun to see the game and all the students and their school spirit,” said Cuzzi.

The game also brought together friends from the classes of 1969, 1968 and 1962 as well as some Saint Anselm basketball greats who returned to campus for the special game.

Even Arthur Cummings from the class of 1953 returned to get in on the action. Particularly though, Cummings wanted to see senior point guard Dino Mallios play. Cummings has known the Mallios family for years, having taught Mrs. Elaine Mallios, Dino’s mother, in high school. The former teacher and principal of Winthrop High School in Winthrop, Mass., has recommended Saint Anselm to many a high school-er through the years.

“He’s a legend in the community,” said Mrs. Mallios.

In addition, alumni and Anselmians all over the country rooted for their Hawks from watch parties in Boston, Hartford, Long Island, and Manchester.

The Hawks return to action at home on Saturday, Feb. 15 at 3:30 p.m. when they play host to Franklin Pierce University at Stoutenburgh.

Read more of the game highlights »

Game Day Photos

Hello, Bye Bye Birdie!

Members of the 1995 'Birdie' cast

Alumni from the 90s relived some of their best college memories Sunday when they attended a special performance of the Abbey Players spring musical, “Bye Bye Birdie.” The matinee performance honored alumni who were in the cast of the show when it was last performed by the Abbey Players, in 1995.

Members of the 1995 'Birdie' castAbout two dozen former Players were in the audience, as were friends who worked on sets, costumes, and other aspects of the musical. After the show, they gathered in the College Pub to reminisce about their thespian days and renew old acquaintances.

Among the returning Players was Heather (McEwan) Mandosa ’98, who played the mayor’s wife. Her role became a long term engagement when she married Frank Mandosa’96, the actor who played the mayor.

Also in attendance were 1995 cast members Michael Buckley ’97, Michael Burglund, Sheila Moreau ’95, Tara (Murgo) Payne ’95, and Laura (Burglund) Pawlyk ’96, as well as 1995 choreographer Sarah (Frazier) Pompeo ’96. The only lead actor missing was Brendan O’Brien ’95 (who played the Presley-esque rock and roll star Conrad Birdie), now a U.S. Department of State official in Washington, D.C.

Carey (Winslow) Cahoon ’98, a 1995 cast member, was the 2013 show’s director. She has directed the past 11 Abbey Players spring musicals. At least one member of the 1995 “Children’s Ensemble,” Charles Perreault ’04, also enjoyed the matinee.

The number of hugs passed around in the Dana Center lobby that afternoon was testament to the strong relationships formed on the Abbey Players stage. Professor Landis Magnuson, who produced the show both years, was a happy man.

Like all the spring musicals, Bye Bye Birdie features a big cast, plenty of singing and dancing, and catchy tunes—in this case songs including “Put on a Happy Face” and “A Lot of Livin’ to Do.”

Some of the talented actors, singers and dancers in the current cast were nostalgic about appearing in their final production. But, after 64 seasons, the future is as bright as ever for the Abbey Players, judging from the performances of several freshmen, including leads Meredythe Leonard (Kim MacAfee) and Jim Brennan (Conrad Birdie).

Story by Laurie Morrissey. Photos by Matthew Lomanno and Dao Le '15.

Once is Not Enough: Alumni Return to Orphanage in Honduras

Alumni in Honduras

In rural Honduras, there is a huge ranch where 450 orphaned or abandoned children have a stable home, an education, and an opportunity to learn a trade. It is a place that holds a special place in the hearts of quite a few Saint Anselm alumni.

In December, six Anselmians who served at the orphanage on Spring Break Alternative (now Service & Solidarity Missions) organized a return trip to work with the children and pitch in with chores to help keep the place running. Most had served there more than once.

Alumni in HondurasFor Monica Henry ’05, it was trip number 12. She first visited Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos (Spanish for “Our Little Brothers and Sisters”) in March 2004, and co-led the following year’s trip. After graduating, she lived and worked there for 18 months as a volunteer. She now works as special events manager for Friends of the Orphans, the charitable organization that supports the home.

“Ever since my first visit with the Saint Anselm College SBA trip, the children of NPH have been my family and home,” Henry says. “They have done more for me than I could ever do for them. I’m honored to be working for an organization that diligently works to improve these children’s lives and help create a sustainable future for them.”

Tess (Franzino) Blackwell ’06, child sponsorship manager for the organization, has a similar story.

“I met Jarvin when he was three years old back in 2007 when he first arrived at the ranch along with his older sister, Yuri. Jarvin was HIV positive, and thanks to the support of NPH he is a healthy, happy, and studious nine-year old boy. John and I began sponsoring him in 2008, and have enjoyed watching him grow over the years each time we visit.”

The child sponsorship program helps provide food, shelter, clothing, and education for all of the children living at the ranch, she says.

Also on the December trip were John Blackwell ’07, Allison Ahern ’07 (also a child sponsor), Devon Katz ’10, and Erin Latina ’07.

Much of the volunteers’ time was spent reading to the children and playing with them. All the food for the children is grown on the ranch, so farm and kitchen chores also are part of the day’s work.

“The culture of service that Saint Anselm is known for continues well beyond graduation,” says Latina, an intensive care unit nurse. “Although we don't all know each other and come from various professional backgrounds, we are each connected to NPH through our participation in Spring Break Alternative while at Saint Anselm."

Alumnus Mike Jaillet Sings National Anthem at Fenway Park

Mike Jaillet singing the National Anthem at Fenway Park

Mike Jaillet ’91 made a bucket list when he graduated. On May 30, he crossed off “Sing the national anthem at Fenway.”

The Dell Computer Company executive and diehard Red Sox fan wrote a letter to the team about his 2011 diagnosis with ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), or Lou Gehrig’s Disease. When the Sox planned ALS night to raise awareness of the progressive motor neuron disease, they gave Jaillet a call.

“In a word, it was awesome,” Jaillet says. “It was the most bittersweet thing I could possibly think of doing. It’s been a dream of mine for a long time, and to tie it in with this cause meant I could do something positive. Events like this bring people together and galvanize what’s good in us.”

The criminal justice alumnus, a Texas resident, recently founded MJ’s Army to build awareness, promote volunteer activity, and raise funds for research and therapy.

For additional information on MJ's Army visit


Choir Members and Alumni Share Thoughts on Their European Concert Tour

Choir singing

On the road with the EuroChoir: The college choir is currently performing in churches throughout Europe. Here students and alumni share thoughts on their travels. Saint Anselm College's choir with 32 students, 7 alumni, and Fr. Bede Camera, O.S.B., are touring Europe during this week's spring break. Singing unaccompanied, they're performing 18 pieces of sacred music in churches throughout southern France, Monaco, and Spain. See photos of the choir's travels on the college Flickr site, courtesy of Bobby Aldrich, assistant to the choir director.

By Melanie Kessler '12
As a senior, in my final year at Saint A’s and what is my first and last EuroChoir trip, I find that my experiences and perspectives are much different from some of the other students. I have always found much enjoyment in traveling, however this trip holds new and eye-opening experiences that I would not have found by participating in any other trip. Each time we sing in a breathtaking and beautiful cathedral I have to pinch myself and realize that this experiences will not come around again! I have felt God’s presence in a new and wonderful way when I am singing to Him in the settings we are able worship in. It is hard to call these opportunities a performance for anyone other than God. It has given me the chance to thank Him for the having been able to participate with the group on this trip and also for all of the other experiences that He has provided to me throughout my years at Saint Anselm. I have found that I am able to connect my education that I have received at Saint A’s to some of the experiences I have been blessed to have on this trip.

By Amanda Carrington '11
As an alumna, traveling to Europe with the choir is an incredible experience that brings with it a wonderful variety of emotions and memories. In many ways it’s a time of bittersweet reminiscence. As it frequently happens, I was reflecting quite a bit on my four years as a member today during a very rare and special tour and concert of the Palais du Papes, or the Papal Palace in Avignon, France. The choir was scheduled to sing in the afternoon but would have the opportunity to tour the palace beforehand, and they did, but today was not an everyday tour.

As the choir, alumni, and older guests meandered their way through the great stone rooms, we gazed at the magnificent painted walls of the Pope’s chambers and were awed by the intricate statues that adorned the walls. We were given self-guided tour controls, which we held up to our ears to listen to all the rich history they had to offer. It was a bit of a task however to manage those while attempting to click away with our cameras at every breathtaking view or artifact within each room. At one point, while trying my best to manage my audio guide and my camera, I became almost subconsciously distracted by the sound of a familiar song, one I hold very dear to my heart. As I realized that it was the song “I Love You Lord” being sung in the distance, I immediately went to find where it was coming from.

As I turned a corner and walked through an archway, I entered into the largest hall of the palace, with eighty foot stone ceilings and walls one hundred yards long, and right there in the very center was the choir in gowns and tuxes, standing in a circle, singing this beautiful song we all love so dearly. My eyes immediately welled up with tears at the sight and sound of what I was experiencing. While hurrying to join them I noticed just how angelic they sounded and how completely filled with love and joy they were. Some had their eyes closed, heads turned towards the light coming through the windows, the others looking at each other with smiles that only come from true friendship, happiness, and shared passion. In their eyes you could see a love for music, a great respect for the rareness of this spontaneous opportunity, and a sense of unity, where even the breaths they took were perfectly in sync. Having been a choir member for four years, I knew exactly how they were feeling, hence the tears of sentimentality at witnessing this familiar and yet rare bond.

When the song came to its end, the members stood silent, taking in the last few beautiful notes echoing in the great hall. They smiled at one another, then laughed because of the pure spontaneity and awesomeness of the moment, and then simply went back to the tour and picture-taking as before. In looking around, though, the other visitors did not return to their tours right away. Some stood frozen, taking in the beautiful music they just heard, while a few others even shed tears, and in my mind I thought, “that is St.A’s choir.” Those few short minutes encompassed our essence as a group, our love for music, our need to share it with others, and our desire to inspire a passion for music and for the simple enjoyment of life in our audiences. Once more, I believe they accomplished just that, and the concert hadn’t even begun yet.

By Nate Chartier '13
This trip has been an amazing experience so far! They say that music is the universal language and that has been confirmed by the smiles we have seen. The people here love our music and spirituality. A trip like this is remarkable because there are so many opportunities to experience beauty. From the palms of the Cote d’Azure to the magnificent churches and artwork, there is always something beautiful around the corner here. To be able to do what I love, sing praise to God, is awesome. To be able to share my passion with complete strangers and somehow make a connection with them is awe-inspiring. As enriching as it must be for the audience, it is also very enriching for us, the singers. We offer our voices to God and he multiplies our gift.

Choir Updates from Concert Tour in Europe

Choir visiting Pont-du-Gard

Sunday, March 4, Barcelona, Spain to Manchester, N.H.
After three nights in Barcelona we pack up in the morning and head for the airport to come home. The students arrived late on Thursday and got an orientation to the city from our tour guide Ciaran Moss. On Friday they had the entire day free to plan their own sightseeing and activities. Most took advantage of the day to sleep-in and then packed in as much adventure as they could. They shopped and ate along La Rambla, a mile-long pedestrian walkway through the heart of Barcelona lined with shops and cafes. They spent time down on the water admiring the Port of Barcelona (one of Europe’s largest) and looking at the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. Almost everyone visited both the Barcelona Cathedral as well as Gaudi’s famous Basilica Sagarada Familia (Church of the Holy Family). At night I am sure they explored the nightlife of Spain!

On Saturday we took an early tour of a Benedictine Monastery high atop the mountains just outside of Barcelona – Montserrat. Home to just under 100 monks it is also where you can find the Virgin of Montserrat, one of the black Madonna’s of Europe depicting the Virgin Mary and infant Christ. A beautiful train ride to the top of the mountain with breathtaking views both inside and outside of the abbey’s church. Following the visit, Fr. Bede celebrated a private Mass for the group in a local church prior to our final concert and a farewell banquet.

At the farewell banquet it was announced that plans are already being made to continue the choir’s tradition of traveling to Europe every other year. A preliminary itinerary is being drafted for the group’s 6th European Concert Tour in 2014 to Budapest (Hungary), Bratislava (Slovakia), Prague (Czech Republic).

Wednesday, Feb. 29, Avignon to Perpignan, France
It is hard to believe but this morning when we boarded the bus to travel from Avignon, the trip was half over! Five days down, five days to go.

Today was a travel day so we left Avignon early and headed for the walled city of Carcassonne. After about three hours on the bus, the students enjoyed some free time for lunch and then a guided tour of the castle and cathedral of the city. A day with no performing but yet full of rich history. After spending the afternoon in Carcassonne, we were back on the bus to spend the night in Perpignan, a city just in from the Mediterranean Coast, just short of the Spanish border. A very low key night. Everyone is very tired and I think it will be an early night for most as the students are resting up for the final leg of the trip in Barcelona!

Tomorrow is our longest travel day as we are off to Saint Martin Abbey located high atop the Pyrenees Mountains. In fact in order to perform the choir will hike up a steep one-mile mountain path to the top of the mountain where the walled-in abbey awaits. The Abbey was constructed in 1009 as a residence for Benedictine Monks! They inhabited the abbey continuously for almost 775 years. Following the communities dissolution in 1783 the abbey fell into disrepair until it was restored in 1902 by the Bishop of Perpignan. Today it is home to the Community of the Beatitudes. When planning the trip it has become custom that the choir performs in a Benedictine Monastery while in Europe, something we have done since our first trip in 2004.

Following our visit and performance at Saint Martin we cross a border and are off to the town of Figueres, Spain. Best known as the home of surrealist painter Salvador Dali. The students will have an opportunity to spend some time exploring the city and visiting the Dali Museum. After our afternoon stop in Figueres we are off to Barcelona where we will spend the next three nights – our last stop on the tour.

On the road with the EuroChoir: The college choir is currently performing in churches throughout Europe and assistant to the choir director, Bobby Aldrich '01, is sending updates on the group's whereabouts.

Saint Anselm College's choir with 32 students, 2 alumni, and Fr. Bede Camera, O.S.B., are touring Europe during this week's spring break. Singing unaccompanied, they're performing 18 pieces of sacred music in churches throughout southern France, Monaco, and Spain. See photos of the choir's travels on the college Flickr site, courtesy of Bobby Aldrich, assistant to the choir director.

Tuesday, Feb. 28, Avignon, France

The choir will perform twice today. A morning of sightseeing. The group traveled to the Pont du Guard this morning just outside of Avignon, France. It is the home of one of the few remaining in-tact Roman Aqueducts. Just short of 2,000 years old the students had an opportunity to visit the site and actually walk across the structure above the river. We posed for these pictures below. Everyone is having a wonderful time.

This afternoon we will actually get a chance to perform at the Papal Palace and tonight will perform a concert at a local church – the Church of Saint Agricola. There are posters all over the city promoting our concert.

The Papal Palace in Avignon was the home to 7 popes from 1305 to 1377. Six popes were elected here in Avignon, including Pope Urban V, a member of the Order of Saint Benedict. We performed in the grand hall of the palace where the papal conclaves were held when the popes of Avignon were elected; a wonderful and spiritual experience for the students.

Another concert tonight at The Church of Saint Agricola, named after Agricola of Avignon, a bishop of the city of Avignon who was a monk at a nearby Abbey and is most well known for building a convent for Benedictine nuns near the city. Ah, another Benedictine connection… Just wait until my update for Thursday!

A wonderful concert with a great turnout. The parish and the tour company did a wonderful job promoting it throughout the city. We probably had between 75 and 100 people show up and a standing ovation at the end with an encore. Performed for well over an hour. Father Bede spent a considerable amount of time talking to the audience in French. He is very much enjoying being able to speak the language. It has been a long time since he taught French up on the hilltop!

Big travel day tomorrow. On the bus all morning to the walled city of Carcassonne (just over 3 hours from Avignon). We have a tour of the city with a local guide and lunch. Then back on the bus to Perpignan where we will spend the night. No performances tomorrow; a day off.

Monday, Feb. 27, Cannes, France

Yesterday (Monday) was a travel day. After leaving Cannes we stopped in Aix en Provence and Arles on our way to Avignon. Avignon is a beautiful walled city and the students enjoyed free time last night after our arrival to explore it on their own. Avignon is often referred to as the “City of Popes” as it is home to the Palace of the Popes where popes and antipopes took up residence from 1309 to 1423.

Sunday, Feb. 26, in Monaco

This morning (Sunday) the choir performed for the 10:30a.m. Mass at the Cathedral in Monaco. Following Mass we performed a 30-minute concert for an audience of parishioners and visitors to the cathedral. They have quite a lot of tourists coming in and out due to the burial site of Princess Grace Kelly. It was a wonderful experience in a beautiful venue!

Following a day in Monaco the choir performed its first performance tonight in Cannes, France at the Church of Our Lady of the Pines.

College Hosts 23 Teams at Regional Mock Trial Tournament

Alyssa Hatem '12 with fellow teammates

Last weekend, February 17 – 19, Saint Anselm College hosted more than 185 students as part of the American Mock Trial Association’s (AMTA) Qualifying Tournament. Twenty-three teams from colleges and universities all over New England competed in four rounds. Saint Anselm mock trial captain and club co-founder, Alyssa Hatem ’12, received the All Region Attorney award. There were also awards given for All Region Witness and 2012 Spirit of AMTA. [Read more…]

Founder of Biotech Company Meets with Students

Dr. Kelleher-Andersson with students

Biochemist Judith Kelleher-Andersson, Ph.D., a member of the Class of 1981, returned to campus Jan. 27 as a guest of the Probe & Scalpel Society. She is the founder, president and chief scientific officer of Neuronascent, Inc., a biotechnology startup in Clarksville, Maryland. [Read more…]

Alumni Judge Student Artwork for Juried '10

The 10th Juried Fine Arts Student Exhibition opened April 9, with 40 students displaying their work. The exhibited works were selected out of 120 submissions. [Read more…]