Rudy Giuliani Cites His Experience During Visit

Mayor Rudy GiulianiThe New Hampshire Institute of Politics at Saint Anselm College played host to Republican presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani in a town-hall style forum. Mayor Giuliani spoke at length to a packed auditorium and full press section about his views and hopes for the future of America, then engaged in a question and answer session with students and the public.

Giuliani used his speech to talk about the importance of experience in a presidential candidate, highlighting his time spent as mayor of New York City. He explains how his life experiences would aid his presidential responsibilities.

Mayor Rudy GiulianiHe describes what he would look for in a vice-presidential running mate by giving an anecdote about his breakfast with former President Ronald Reagan on the morning he was shot, and explaining how that experience would impact his choice.

Mayor Giuliani made a point of talking about "doing the things that everyone thinks are impossible," and how he plans to accomplish them, both in domestic and international affairs.

Photos by Brian Wozniak

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NHIOP Poll: Romney, Clinton Leading Among Likely Voters

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If the New Hampshire Primary were held today, Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton would win solidly. That is the finding of a poll being presented today by the New Hampshire Institute of Politics at Saint Anselm College.

Sponsored by the institute, the poll surveyed 1,514 likely primary voters in New Hampshire.With 43 percent support, Hillary Clinton commanded a 21-point lead over her nearest rival, Barack Obama, who polled at 22 percent. The third-place candidate was John Edwards, with 14 percent.

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Clinton polled strongly across genders, religions and age groups. She made a greater showing among 18-to-29-year-olds than Obama, who has been portrayed as the candidate of young people.The poll shows Romney with a nearly 11-point lead over the second place candidate, Rudy Giuliani, among likely Republican primary voters. Fred Thomson showed only 5 percent support.

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Romney also polled well across religious groups, indicating that in New Hampshire the former Massachusetts governor's Mormon religion is not an issue. Romney showed strong support among women, with 37 percent saying they would vote for him, compared to 29 percent of men.While Romney and Clinton pulled a majority among likely primary voters of their respective parties, the picture is mixed among undeclared voters. More than 40 percent of voters who identified themselves as undeclared said they were still unsure if they would vote in the Democratic or Republican primary. At the same time, 41 percent of undeclared voters said they would vote in Democratic primary and 19 percent in the Republican contest.

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"While the patterns remain consistent, the data suggests there is still indecisiveness among likely voters in New Hampshire," said Michael Dupre, Ph.D., senior fellow at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics.

Dupre designed and coordinated the poll, which was executed by SRBI Research in New York City. The survey was conducted by telephone from Oct. 15 to 21. The margin of error for the entire sample is approximately 2.6 percent. The margin of error for subgroups is 4.1 percent for Democrats, 4.5 percent for Republicans, and 4.8 percent for undecided voters.

For a poll executive summary, data, presentation, and methodology, visit the New Hampshire Institute of Politics Web site.

Original release authored by Barbara LeBlanc, director of news and information, Saint Anselm College

Madeleine Albright on American Foreign Policy

Madeleine Albright

Madeleine AlbrightIn this podcast, we feature excerpts of a lecture delivered by former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright on October 24, 2007, at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics. Secretary Albright spoke on American foreign policy, offered her view on U.S. diplomacy, and took questions from the standing-room-only audience.

Leading a distinguished career, Secretary Albright has served as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations and was appointed as the first female Secretary of State in 1997. Today, Secretary Albright is a distinguished professor of diplomacy at Georgetown University, a principal of The Albright Group, and chair and principal of Albright Capital Management.

Photo credit: Brian Wozniak '09

Political Analyst Stewart Rothenberg: Battleground 2008

Political Analyst Stewart Rothenberg at the NHIOPSpeaking at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics on October 16, 2007, Stewart Rothenberg of The Rothenberg Political Report presented his analysis of the upcoming 2008 election. Rothenberg specializes in analysis of Congressional elections, conducting one-on-one interviews with incumbents and their challengers. A frequent contributor to national media including Roll Call, Meet the Press, Face the Nation and Nightline, Rothenberg also handicaps Presidential elections.

In his lecture, Rothenberg describes the national political mood and its impact on the electorate for the upcoming 2008 election and on the balance of power in Congress. Predicting that the Democratic Party will take the White House, Rothenberg also offers his analysis on a number of other factors and races happening around the country.

Prof. Elizabeth Ossoff Quoted by Australian Media

Prof. Elizabeth Ossoff Quoted by Australian Media

Prof. Elizabeth Ossoff Quoted by Australian MediaSaint Anselm College Professor Elizabeth Ossoff was quoted by the Australia Broadcasting Corp. (ABC News) in an article that appeared on their Web site on October 17. In the article, she says she is not surprised Sen. Hillary Clinton is now directly appealing to female voters.

An excerpt of the article appears below. To read the article in its entirety, visit the ABC News Web site.

"I think she's done everything she can to appeal to male voters in terms of packaging herself as very strong and decisive," Dr. Ossoff said.

"I think she's smart to work off of the fact that she has a large support base amongst women, why not play off of that?

"Because I think she knows where she is going to get a lot of traction, come the general election as well as in the primary."

Dr. Ossoff says the fact that Sen. Clinton is the first woman candidate with a realistic shot of becoming president could have a strong impact on the presidential race.

"We've been talking about the role of the first prominent female candidate here in this presidential election, [but] I don't hear that much talk about it amongst the American press," she said.

"Every once in a while it will get mentioned when she does things like she's doing today, which is moving around the state of New Hampshire and talking about women and women's issues, but only then.

"I think its sort of the elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about.

"The gender does play a role in the way that we perceive people and we like to think we're beyond that, but we really aren't, and we haven't really been paying attention to that very much."

Gov. Mitt Romney Hosts Town Hall Meeting at Saint Anselm

Gov. Mitt RomneyIn the midst of midterm examinations, and with a student body anxious to return home for fall break, Saint Anselm students joined with members of the public this morning to attend a question and answer period with Republican Presidential candidate Gov. Mitt Romney.

The New Hampshire Institute of Politics auditorium was transformed for the town-hall style session, with Romney positioned in the midst of at least four different classes of students. In the rear of the room, press risers were filled with journalists from local newspapers, regional television stations, and the national media. Carl Cameron of Fox News was stationed outside the NHIOP all morning, utilizing the parking lot as a temporary television studio for reports from New Hampshire.

Gov. Mitt Romney at Saint Anselm College on 10/4/07Students took center stage all morning as New Hampshire Institute of Politics Student Ambassadors were on hand to greet Gov. Romney as he arrived in a motorcade shortly before 10 a.m. Once inside, Romney was introduced to the crowd by Greg Wallace '10. During the question and answer period, Gov. Romney took several questions from students of varying majors who attended the forum. Several staff members on the Romney campaign who attended the event were also familiar faces to the Saint Anselm campus, as a number of current staff members are also college alumni.

Media Interviews With Gov. Mitt Romney Outside the NHIOPFollowing another question and answer session with the assembled media outside the front entrance to the NHIOP, Romney caught a number of students off guard as he passed through the cafe as he headed for the motorcade to his next event.

Taking the moment in stride, two lunching students captured the attention of the governor, obtaining a quick handshake before the candidate and campaign staff departed.

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Credits: Photos by Alex Witkowicz '08. Podcast production assistance provide by Lauren Weybrew '08.

Live from Alumni Hall: "Face the Nation"

Bob Schieffer and Sen. John EdwardsSaint Anselm College served as host today for a live broadcast of CBS's Face the Nation. The first-floor of Alumni Hall was abuzz this morning with excitement as the Face the Nation crew took over the main lobby of the Admission Office for the show's production.

The day began shortly after 7 a.m. as Bob Schieffer shot the program's morning promo, show intro, and commentary from the Quad with Alumni Hall as the backdrop.

Watch the Face the Nation VideoAll this took place as students returned to campus for the start of the academic year on Monday.

To give you a sense of all that took place during CBS's time on campus, we've uploaded photos to our Flickr photo stream. Thanks to student photographer Alex Witkowicz for supplying us with photos of the day's event.

If you missed the airing of today's Face the Nation, video of the program is available on the CBS News Web site.

Top photo by Alex Witkowicz '08

Jennifer Donahue: McCain Understands the Granite State

Jennifer Donahue on CNNIn a recent opt-ed published in the Boston Globe, Jennifer Donahue, NHIOP senior advisor for political affairs, wrote about Sen. John McCain's chances in New Hampshire given the recent shake up in his campaign staff.

"Senator John McCain just spent two weekends in a row in New Hampshire. Unlike some of the candidates who didn't run in 2000, he understands two important things about the state's presidential primary contest. One is the importance of the August before the primary. In August 1999, McCain solidified his base in New Hampshire, while George W. Bush all but ignored the state. McCain won the primary, though not the nomination.

The other thing McCain knows is that New Hampshire gives supposedly faltering front-runners a chance to come back. By campaigning intensely in the state, Al Gore effectively stamped Bill Bradley out in August 1999. Similarly, as insurgent Howard Dean focused on Iowa over New Hampshire in August 2003, John Kerry faced frustrated voters in New Hampshire — and ended up winning.

What McCain has in common this year with Gore and Kerry is that the press anointed all three as front-runners before the campaign began. The expectations for such "early favorites" are often based on polls taken so early that only the candidates with existing name recognition place well.

These expectations are also impossible to meet. As obscure candidates become known and gain a little ground in the polls, it suddenly looks as though the front-runner is in free fall. The money race is then affected by the press coverage and poll numbers, which make it harder for the "early favorites" to raise funds."

To read Jennifer Donahue's opt-ed in its entirety, visit

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96.9 FM Talk Takes Over the NHIOP and the Airwaves

Down at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics, as the debate ended 96.9 FM Talk took over the NHIOP and the airwaves as Jay Severin and Michael Graham began their post-debate analysis. About 200 people packed the NHIOP Auditorium to participate live and hear from Severin and Graham which Republicans stood out and which needed to just sit down.

The President of Saint Anselm College, Father Jonathan DeFelice, O.S.B., joined Severin and Graham live to give his thoughts and reactions to the debates and the experience of the primary here at Saint Anselm. Executive Director of the NHIOP and Professor of Politics Dr. Paul Manuel and Senior Advisor for Political Affairs Jennifer Donahue also shared their thoughts and experience of the last few politically charged days.

Here at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics we were thrilled to host 96.9 FM Talk’s Jay Severin and Michael Graham as they roused the audience and the region and let us know what the debates meant for the candidates and the country.