2016 In Review: New Hampshire's Home For Politics

Through the New Hampshire Institute of Politics (NHIOP), Saint Anselm College offers students numerous opportunities for political contributions and interactions with well-known political figures, global leaders, journalists, pollsters, and leading academic scholars. Throughout the year, the college's reputation as "New Hampshire's home for politics" was indisputable, as countless events brought local, national and international attention to the Hilltop.

Behind-the-Scenes Work Gives Students Unparalleled Experience: President Steven DiSalvo notes that hosting the candidates and national news media and assisting media personnel offers students a unique and memorable educational experience. "It is a continuing and vital part of our educational mission to help our students, our community, and the citizens of our state develop the knowledge and skills they need to live in and help lead our nation. Saint Anselm will always be a unique place where it all comes together, not just every four years, but every day." Read more »

Saint Anselm is Center Stage at the Centennial N.H. Primary

Saint Anselm students with David Muir and Martha RadatzThis election year represented a milestone in American political history, as the New Hampshire Presidential Primary turned 100. All the candidates and many members of the global media were here for the first-in-the-nation event, and Saint Anselm had a front row seat.

This much political action on and around campus is nothing new for the college, which has hosted primary debates by both parties for the past 50 years, including a Democratic debate in December 2015, and a Republican debate in February of 2016.

"The 100th anniversary of the primary is an opportunity to celebrate, but more importantly, to educate America about the great service New Hampshire performs in the selection process," says Neil Levesque, Executive Director of the New Hampshire Institute of Politics. "It originated because the state wanted to give power to the people, and candidates have always liked it because they get to interact so directly with voters. That tradition still holds true today – the primary is about the people." Read more »

Republican Presidential Candidates Debate at Saint Anselm

ABC News 2016 Republican DebateJust days before the first-in-the-nation N.H. primary, the Republican Presidential Primary Debate broadcast live on ABC averaged 13.2 million viewers between 8 and 11 p.m. Combined with the Democratic Presidential Primary Debate held at the college in December, 21 million viewers were introduced to Saint Anselm College.

Preparations for the big event began earlier in the week as ABC News and Google crews rolled onto campus to transform the Carr Center and Sullivan Arena respectively into the debate hall and the Google-sponsored media filing center and spin room.

As show time approached, more than 250 students gathered in the Dana Center's Koonz Theatre to watch on the big screen. Regardless of their diverse views on the candidates, the student audience agreed on one thing – how exhilarating it was to hear David Muir announce, "Live from Saint Anselm College." Read more »

Real World Experience on the Campaign Trail

Saint Anselm College students made the most of the opportunities available to them during the 2016 primary season. In addition to meeting, greeting, and getting to know candidates, many of them have taken skills they learned in the classroom or working at the NHIOP to volunteer or intern for presidential campaigns. Read more »

Lesser-Known Candidates Forum: A Tradition Since 1972 "Lesser-Known Candidates" Debate 2016

Tuesday, January 19, the New Hampshire Institute of Politics & Political Library held the Lesser-Known Candidates Forum. This event was first held in 1972 and has been a New Hampshire tradition ever since.

Twenty-three candidates participated in the debate, which was moderated by Mike Memoli, who covers the White House for Tribune Publishing. Panelists included Brad Mielke, Campaign Digital Journalist for ABC News, and John DiStaso, political reporter with WMUR.

ABC NEWS: Think You Know All the Presidential Candidates? You Haven’t Met the “Lesser-Knowns”

The debate calendar has included as many as 22 candidates in the 2016 cycle. But on Tuesday night, another 23 got their moment in the spotlight, debating each other at the “Lesser-Known Candidate Forum…” Read more »

Saint Anselm Engages With Election 2016

How do Catholics balance faith commitments, religion, and civic engagement? How are millennials engaging in politics? What do our faculty experts have to say about this historic election cycle? These questions have been asked and answered over the previous months during a series of academic lectures and panels, and with countless media appearances by Saint Anselm faculty members.

Opportunities for civic education and engagement in the Anselmian community abound; whether politics majors, ambassadors in the Kevin B. Harrington program, or casual observers of political news, students at Saint Anselm College are part of an internationally-recognized institution and player in the world of politics. Read more »