College Quiz Bowl: A Trivial Pursuit

If you have ever sat in class and wondered “why would I ever need to know this information?” you may be able to find an answer from a participant in the Quiz Bowl. This year, twelve teams are competing in the 16th annual Saint Anselm College Quiz Bowl held by the Classics Society, which is described as a “Jeopardyesque” event in which each team tries to be the first to hit the buzzer and correctly answer a wide range of challenging questions.

Quiz Bowl participantsHeld every Thursday in Alumni Hall, nearly sixty students take part in competitive rounds, attempting to answer questions in a variety of subjects, such as history, geography, literature, physics, and pop culture. The anticipation mounts in the room, as students are asked questions in categories such as “Name these Civil War Battles.” The race to the buzzer, followed by an urgent “I need an answer please!” makes the competition a truly intense event.

Though the competition is extremely tough, students, Classics Faculty, and alumnae make sure that at the end of the day, the competition proves to be a fun experience for each member involved. With fun, creative team names such as “50 Shades of Goulet” and “Sometimes Y”, the students make sure that the competition yields no hard feelings, as “good job” and “congratulations” is expressed to one another at the end of the event, that is, of course, after each student reassures their team members they knew the answer, as one student exclaimed “she pressed it a millisecond before me!”

The Quiz Bowl continues through February, as the teams with the most wins and total points in the competitive rounds will advance to the tournament round.

Editor's note: Photo by Abdelaziz AlSharawy '16.