"Compliments" Page Becomes Forum for Hilltop Commendations

It started January 1 with a simple purpose: "The goal of this page is to create one place where anybody from the Saint Anselm College community can express their appreciation for each other. We ensure that your privacy and confidentiality will be respected. This is a chance to recognize the people who we care about in our life who do not always get the recognition they deserve."

A Compliments" excerptWithin a week, the Anselmian community had embraced the latest social trend – anonymous "Compliments" pages have been popping up on campuses across the country and around the world since late this past fall. Time made note of the groups with a story "All You Need Is (Facebook) Love: ‘Compliments’ Accounts Go Viral at Colleges and Universities" that identifies a Canadian university as the origination point of a trend that has now reached the Hilltop.

Commendations have been lauded upon friends, faculty and staff — along with the college itself. "Likes" are piling up on individual posts (electronic affirmations of the compliment itself) and for the page as a whole, with nearly 700 followers as January comes to a close.

Read all of the posts, and submit your own by visiting the Saint Anselm College Compliments page on Facebook. We're posting a few of our favorite anonymous compliments, below.

January 23:

Professor Feldhaus,

You have truly been an inspiration for all of us. Not only have you made us better at German; you have made us all better people. You have made your classroom a home for all of your students and you always are there for all of us no matter what. You are an outstanding professor and we are so blessed because we have had you for a professor!

Vielen Dank
Deutsche Famile

January 13:

Dear nursing majors,

Every day I look at you guys in the library memorizing so much material I am in awe… I really feel as if the nursing program is the backbone of this school. You guys show what it takes to be the best of the best. I hear how hard nursing is all the time, which makes me sympathize and realize that you guys have it way harder than anyone else.

Someone who realized how much work it takes to graduate with a nursing degree

January 11:

Dear Father Augustine,

I just wanted to say thank you for being there for me. You really express what Saint Anselm College means with your ability to understand others and always being available to meet with students. You seriously did so much to help me in displaying my true academic potential. You demonstrate such professionalism. I know looking back years from now I will remember you as the guy who really gave me a chance at achieving my goals as a student.

January 10:

Dear Senior Class,

Each and every one of you have impacted my experiences at Saint Anselm College over the last three and a half years. I cannot believe we only have one semester left with one another. I'm so thankful that I have made some wonderful friends and have had some pretty amazing memories that I will never forget. This is a thanks for everyone in my graduated class. You all will forever be in my heart; let's make this last semester unforgettable.