In the Voice of a Student: Why I Relay

643 Saint Anselm College students, faculty and staff participated in the college's 5th annual Relay for Life. Donations are still being accepted, but nearly $30,000 has been raised thus far. Below, students reflect on the event and their experiences.

Kelsey Lee '13, nursing
My name is Kelsey Lee and I am a junior nursing student here on campus. This is my first time at Relay for Life, and it is particularly meaningful to me as I was just recently diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, a blood cancer that normally affects people in their 50's and 60's. Coming to relay after going through several rounds of intensive treatment while remaining a full time student here on campus has been extremely emotional. The support and love I feel from my friends and acquaintances alike is beyond amazing. It is events like this that inspire me to continue fighting and devoting my life to making some sort of impact in the cancer world, whatever that may be. I truly believe that the most important thing we can do as humans is raise awareness and togetherness and join together in times of suffering, and that is exactly what Relay for Life is about. I am looking forward to see what the rest of the night brings!

This post was submitted by Kelsey Lee.

Kirsten Huff '14, nursing
My name is Kirsten Huff, I am a sophomore Nursing major and part of the Saint Elizabeth Seton Society here at Saint Anselm College. This is my first time being a part of Relay For Life and it has been a great experience. There have been inspiring moments throughout the night. One event that struck me most, was the Luminaria Walk. To walk around and see the lives that have suffered and those suffering from cancer was incredibly sad. But to see the amount of people here supporting those affected, directly or indirectly, is amazing.

I most certainly will not forget this night I am sharing with my sisters of the Seton Society. They are an amazing group of girls who continue to support one another no matter what and I am so happy to be a part of them especially on this night. This is truly a night to remember. The amount of students, family, and friends that came tonight show just how strong and powerful our school community can be.

This post was submitted by Kirsten Huff.

Bryan McCormack '12, great books
My cousin recently had surgery on a tumor on her brain. Realizing that the cancer was present they also discovered cancerous tumors on her liver and lungs…I walk for her. This is my first year doing relay. I am the president and founder of the club hockey here at Saint Anselm college, and I hope to make this walk a tradition for the team.

I am really excited to partake in such an amazing cause. This is is truly an incredible tradition that has been started and maintained here. The turn out has been and continues to be incredible, the devotion of these students for the cause of ending cancer is inspiring. I hope that this devotion goes beyond the college and is adopted by the larger community of manchester to further this incredible movement.

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