Founder of Biotech Company Meets with Students

Biochemist Judith Kelleher-Andersson, Ph.D., a member of the Class of 1981, returned to campus Jan. 27 as a guest of the Probe & Scalpel Society. She is the founder, president and chief scientific officer of Neuronascent, Inc., a biotechnology startup in Clarksville, Maryland.

Dr. Kelleher with students

Dr. Kelleher-Andersson with students

She founded Neuronascent in 2004, and she has more than 70 U.S., European and world patents.

After meeting informally with the club at the Coffee Shop, Kelleher-Andersson delivered a lecture in Perini Hall about her career, including details about her doctoral and post-doctoral studies and her positions at three drug development and research companies.

She works to discover drug therapies for neurodegenerative diseases including Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, Huntington’s Disease, and depression.

About 30-40 biological sciences majors attended the lecture. Kelleher-Andersson’s former professor, Daniel Lavoie, is the club’s advisor.