Students Get in on ABC Debate Action

People are giving Ryan Sandford funny looks. That's because today, he's a human camera. The freshman criminal justice major is walking around campus wearing a helmet cam, documenting as much of the debate night action as possible. It is part of his job with the Office of College Communications and Marketing.

Other students are working as runners, greeters, assistants and stand-ins. Burke Bero and Alicia Blanchard were part of a panel of "wise men," or political analysts, on a set in the Dana Center. Bero stood in for Jake Tapper, ABC News' senior White House correspondent, and Blanchard was political strategist Donna Brazile. ABC camera operators practiced their angles as the faux pundits conversed about the candidates. At the same time, six students stood at podiums on the main set, acting the parts of the Republican candidates. When the debate begins at 9 pm, the lighting, cameras, and audio will be honed to perfection.

This post was submitted by Laurie Morrissey.