Video: The Daily Show and John Oliver Have the Last Word on the Debate

The Daily Show sent correspondent John Oliver to cover the New Hampshire Republican Presidential Debate broadcast live on CNN from the college on June 13. And as always, The Daily Show had the last word on the Republican debate — the performance of the candidates, CNN's broadcast, and the candidates' "spin."

When the college's communications and marketing staff heard that CNN had granted media credentials to John Oliver for covering the debate, we were both elated and a little apprehensive about it. There are several big fans of The Daily Show in our office, so getting to meet John Oliver and see him work would be a real treat.

But, was he going to make the college look bad or one of our staff or faculty political experts? One of the first reports we received was that John Oliver was chasing two young girls in white dresses across the quad with a bloody axe (an homage to The Shining, and footage that didn't make it into the final The Daily Show piece). Redrum anyone?

Reporters indeed appeared to be accustomed to having The Daily Show correspondent in their midst. The 300 journalists watching the debate from monitors in the Carr Center’s media filing center paid no attention as he quietly wandered the room with his crew, planning shots, reviewing his script. At one point, Oliver lay on the floor between rows of makeshift desks and began rocking in feigned agony. No one looked up.

Professor Elizabeth Ossoff was in the “spin room” where candidates meet with journalists after the debate, offering political observations for the camera, when a commotion broke out just behind her. It was John Oliver screaming into the face of a Ron Paul campaign worker. “Why am I screaming?” he yelled.

John Oliver was last seen in the “spin room” literally spinning. He had grabbed the lens of his photographer’s video camera and was spinning the man and camera in circle until Oliver nearly fell. “Why do they keep giving that man media credentials?” asked one reporter as she walked by.

In the video, you'll likely notice several familiar locations at the college, the Carr Center gym and men's bathroom sign. The parts with the little girls was filmed on the quad in front of the CNN Election Express.

And it turns out we weren't the only "fans" as several Saint Anselm faculty were planning to converge on John Oliver in the debate's spin room to have their photo taken with him (see the photo of Prof. Masur and John Oliver taken on the quad).