The Day After – Live at the NHIOP

Debate participants wave to the crowd before the debate

Debate participants wave to the crowd before the debate.

After a few hours of sleep, the networks were back at it setting up live shots for the morning news shows, in order to discuss the winners and losers of last night’s GOP debate. Starting at 5:30 a.m., the New Hampshire Institute of Politics TV studio was bustling as producers, makeup artists and staffers arrived to prep for Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty’s interviews with CBS, CNN and Fox News.

During his live shot on CBS’ “The Early Show” Governor Pawlenty said, “I had an opportunity last night to present my vision for America, which is to reduce taxes and regulation and get investment and jobs growing again in this country. And a big part of the debate was focused on my plan to do that, and I was grateful for that opportunity. But we're united in trying to defeat Barack Obama. There will be some differences amongst Republicans as well. But last night the focus was on the president."

Following his television shots, Governor Pawlenty reiterated that sentiment during several radio interviews from the NHIOP’s green room.

This post was submitted by Carolyn Hammer.