Video: CNN Senior VP and Chief Innovation Officer David Bohrman on Picking the Perfect Modern Debate Venue

CNN's David Bohrman

David Borhman talks about the debate venue during the media walk through hours before the GOP Debate.

If you're a fan of CNN's "magic wall" so aptly used by John King in reporting election results late into the evening or the set design of the network's modern debate venue, then having the opportunity to speak with the mastermind behind these innovations is a real treat. During the media walk through this afternoon, we had the chance to catch up with David Bohrman, senior vice president and chief innovation officer for CNN. It was Bohrman who knew back in 2007 that Saint Anselm College and Sullivan Arena would be the perfect place for him to unveil his vision for a modern debate venue. As Bohrman put it, before CNN's 2007 debate, the typical debate had become "sort of boring and tedious" and he was looking to bring it into the modern age.

  • Stephanie Z

    I had the pleasure of working with David during the 2007 debates when I was a St. A's student interning for CNN. His vision and ideas for production amazed me! The arena looks transformed and beautiful. So proud of my alma matter!