Site of Republican Debate is College Run by World’s Oldest Religious Order

The following excerpt and video appeared on CNN's Belief Blog. Saint Anselm College was founded and is run by the Benedictines, a Catholic order founded in the 6th century. It claims to be the world’s oldest religious order. The school has hosted Republican and Democratic presidential debates in previous election cycles, sometimes drawing criticism for appearing to get involved in partisan politics.

But Dale Kuehne, professor of politics at the college at Saint Anselm, defended the school's role in the political arena.

“Why I think it makes sense to have a debate at a Benedictine university is that the rule of St. Benedict says every visitor should be treated as Christ himself,” Kuehne says.

“If you talk to people about the events at Saint Anselm, they would of felt that hospitality… regardless of their political or religious position.”

The school’s website says that “Saint Anselm shapes the kind of leader the world is hungry for; not only smart, but good.”

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