Heard Today on Campus

John King on stage

John King on stage before the debates began

Sam Feist, CNN Washington Bureau Chief and Debate Producer, on stage: "We feel like we're family now. Every four years we come here to do debates. It's like coming home."

John King: "There's another event going on tonight but that's why God made TiVo."

Kevin Ward '12, welcoming audience: "I stand here in awe. As a communication major, I never thought I'd be standing on the same stage where seven presidential candidates were going to debate."

Liz Kulig '13, picked up Wolf Blitzer from the airport: "He liked the Simon and Garfunkel music I picked out. I wasn't going to subject him to Lady Gaga."

Liz Ossoff, professor on Sirius Radio: "New Hampshire isn't just a place to go skiing."

Neil Levesque, NHIOP Executive Director: "My favorite part is seeing our students up on stage standing in for the candidates, because some day one of them might be up there for real."

Father Jonathan, O.S.B, president of Saint Anselm College, on stage: "Pardon my voice but it was alumni weekend and I spent too much time under the tent."

William "Burke" Bero, politics major: "This is what I've been waiting for for three and a half years."

David Bohrman, Senior VP CNN: "YouTube seems so four years ago, doesn't it?"

Quotes collected by Laurie Morrissey