"Can You Be Live at 3:15?"

CNN's Jessica Yellin meets with Saint Anselm students

CNN's Jessica Yellin meets with Saint Anselm students

What's the most interesting story you've ever covered? How do you interview someone you disagree with? Who would you like to interview that you haven't interviewed yet? Students in the Introduction to Human Communication class had plenty of questions for Jessica Yellin, CNN's national political correspondent. Communication professor Sherry Shepler welcomed the reporter into her class on the morning of the Republican debate. The class heard about Yellin's early experiences climbing up the network ladders from local news to junior White House correspondent to her current prominent position. Her main advice was to be curious and persistent and always DOUBLE CHECK.

"It's exhilarating," she said. But it is a hectic and unpredictable life because of the "24 hourness of the news cycle." She is ready to go when the question is "Can you go live at 3:15?"

She would like to interview Michelle Obama and Sarah Palin. The most interesting political story she has covered: the Obama campaign. And, she loves the way New Hampshire voters are so engaged in the political process.

Yellin also asked students their opinions about the candidates and the issues to be debated tonight on the stage of what was until last week their hockey arena. Maybe she will include their views in her next broadcast!