Behind the Scenes with the Saint Anselm Runners

Saint Anselm students stand in on the debate stage

Saint Anselm students stand in on the debate stage

“I cannot even put into words this experience,” said Lyndsay Robinson ’14. "Working the debate is such a surreal experience – you jump right from the classroom into reality,” said Abigail Krusemark ’14. Krusemark flew in all the way from Kansas City, Missouri to work the debate. She and about 40 fellow Saint Anselm College students have been working diligently with CNN over the past six days to prepare for
tonight’s big event.

CNN hired the student “runners” to perform a host of tasks, including filling in for the candidates on the debate stage, helping out with live television shots on the quad, and setting up the “spin room” for interviews following tonight’s debate.

"As a runner you have to be prepared for the unexpected,” said Krusemark. “Yesterday, I met with CNN anchors, participated in the debate run-through, helped with the Don Lemon broadcast, and took a wild ride in a golf cart."

“CNN has put us to work hard, and they have really showed us what goes on behind the scenes,” said Robinson.

Robinson, Krusemark and all of the other debate runners have agreed on one thing – “it has been a once in a lifetime experience,” and they are so proud to be Saint Anselm College students.

"Our school has been transformed from a place of learning into a political zoo,” said Krusemark. “But, it's still home!"

This post was submitted by Carolyn Hammer.