Things You (Won't) See on TV

A rainy Saturday may seem like a lost day, but not with a nationally televised debate just more than 48 hours away. We've been wading through puddles to bring you a sampling of information that you won't hear anywhere else.

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Overheard on the Quad, where Professor Dale Kuehne was being interviewed for the CNN Belief Blog (a story that will soon be posted):

"Hospitality and politics go together – Saint Benedict said that every visitor should be treated as Christ itself."

"Civil conversation is essential for Democracy. This is not inconsistent with who we are."

"Our goal is to have people talk about ideas in a civil way, and engage young people in the civic process."

A discussion in Carr Activities Center, home of the media filing center and spin room:

"One of our remote broadcast sites in Plymouth is called The Flying Monkey, how can you not love a place called The Flying Monkey?"

"We have 4,000 feet of cable installed in the ceiling, 16 wi-fi access points, 300 chairs, and 25 plasma monitors."

A run in with CNN Senior Producer of Special Events, Kate Lunger:

"It's great to be back at Saint Anselm, working with the same crew. We wish we could bring your staff everywhere."

A CNN producer on the Quad:

"Have you been up to that coffee shop? It's all homemade! It's delicious guys! Go check it out!"

On the debate stage where seven Saint Anselm students are standing in for Monday night's participants:

Pawlenty stand-in: "Maybe you should be President if your patient enough to watch the Red Sox."

Romney stand-in: "This Mitt Romney is a Yankees fan!"

"Mr. Paul, how much can you bench (at the gym)?"

"I don't even know who I am, I've never heard of me before."

"Really, we don't like each other?"

"Would stand-in be hyphenated (for a Tweet)?"