CNN Anchor Don Lemon Interviews Saint Anselm Students

CNN's Don Lemon interviews Saint Anselm students

CNN's Don Lemon interviews Saint Anselm students.

CNN Newsroom anchor Don Lemon is the first correspondent on the ground in New Hampshire for the network this week, preparing a number of stories for his broadcasts this weekend (he anchors CNN Newsroom weekend prime time programming). As part of his reporting, Don spent the day visiting local diners, catching up with politicians in the area, and talking to about twenty of our Saint Anselm students at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics this afternoon.

Don and his crew of two video journalists and a producer arrived surrounded by our student runners, students who are working with CNN this week, who were also invited to sit in on the interview. As the crew set up the set in the cafe area of the NHIOP, Don wandered about the room, snapping photos with his phone of the collection of campaign posters the Institute has on display.

With lights placed, seating arranged, and cameras rolling, Don got to work, asking students what was on their minds as we head towards the Monday night debate.

View photos from the interview on our Flickr page.

A number of other students were quick to offer their thoughts: health care, Social Security, jobs, education, and many more.

Five minutes later, the taping was over, but in a stroke of Twitter-inspired advertising, Don taped a promo for his social media presence on Twitter. You can follow Don, @donlemoncnn along with his producer, @CNNMike

As the crew broke down the set, Don took time posing for photos with many students, and talking about the weekend ahead. He even encouraged the students to join him for his broadcasts Saturday and Sunday night.

You can view Don's first story on American Morning, Friday morning in the 8:30 a.m. hour.

The Saint Anselm interview is likely to air during CNN Newsroom Saturday and Sunday evening.

Behind the scenes…

How does a taping like this come to be? It starts with a phone call.

As our staff met this morning at 10 a.m. to discuss plans for the day, we received word that CNN was asking for "a classroom full of students" by early afternoon. Phone calls were made, emails were sent, and within four hours, we had students in front of CNN cameras. A few students noted they were out to lunch with friends in Boston when they got the call, and immediately jumped in their cars to head for campus.

Of note, Lemon arrived at the NHIOP with a national newspaper in his hands, and left with a copy of The Saint Anselm Crier, Saint Anselm's independent student newspaper.

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