Move In Day

Crews load in to Sullivan Arena

Crews load in to Sullivan Arena

18 hours after a high school held their graduation on the floor of Sullivan Arena, the sounds of pomp and circumstance have been replaced by bucket lifts, and 3 trailer trucks full of equipment being rolled to its appropriate staging area.

In what can only be described as controlled chaos, we are now two hours into the process of building the debate hall.

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The truss-style rigging, installed over the weekend has been lowered back to the floor, and lights are already being installed. Other crews are hauling in power lines (external generators will arrive soon to power the system), while other crews bring in pieces of the set, to be assembled over the coming days.

CNN executives arrived with advance staff this morning, preparing facilities to house the journalists and support personnel who will arrive in waves each day.

Elsewhere on campus

Carr Center is bustling with technicians who will install telecommunication lines to support the press file center. An area of the Carr Center has also been designated as the spin room, for post-debate politicking by candidates and their surrogates.

The Quad received its final landscaping attention this morning, prior to the arrival of the CNN Express bus tomorrow. A set will also be constructed on the Quad for live broadcasts.