"Dec the Uppers"

It’s getting to look a lot like the holidays at Father Bernard Courts and the upper apartments, where white lights blaze, wreaths and red bows adorn doors, and blow up snowmen greet passersby.

Students have been gathering decorations and lights since October, as they planned holiday displays for the annual “Dec the Uppers” contest. On Monday, Dec. 8, four staff members and contest organizer Rebecca Leach, a senior nursing student and resident assistant, undertook the judging, fortified with hot chocolate and cookies from dining services

First prize, a $100 gift certificate to Best Buy, went to Townhouse D4 and student occupants Scott Lukas, John Gould, Ryan Drago and Chad Kroger. Townhouse J2 came in second for a $75 Best Buy gift certificate; Townhouse A3 won third prize and a $50 Target gift certificate, and Building M North won a pizza party for honorable mention.

(top) First Place Townhouse D4
(left to right): Second Place Townhouse J2 and Third Place Townhouse A3